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Assemblymember Maienschein, Mayor Gloria, and City Attorney Elliott Announce Legislation Addressing Criminal Gun Possession in California

For immediate release:

SAN DIEGO – Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, in partnership with San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and City Attorney Mara W. Elliott, announced legislation today to prevent individuals convicted of specified crimes from possessing a firearm in California.

Currently, state law prohibits a person convicted of a felony from possessing a firearm. It also prohibits individuals convicted of specified misdemeanors from possessing a firearm for 10 years after their conviction. Maienschein’s Assembly Bill 2239 would expand the list of convictions that prompt a 10-year ban to include crimes such as child endangerment and elder abuse.

“Allowing firearms to be placed in the hands of the wrong individuals can have disastrous effects,” said Maienschein. “This bill is not a permanent fix to this issue, but I am confident that AB 2239 will help California take the necessary steps in advancing protections for vulnerable individuals from violent offenders.”

Maienschein has partnered with San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and San Diego City Attorney Mara W. Elliott to introduce AB 2239.

“I will always stand for efforts to keep San Diegans safe from gun violence,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “AB 2239 is one of many actions our partners in the legislature are considering to protect our communities. This bill will help ensure these dangerous weapons do not end up in the wrong hands.”

“This bill closes a significant loophole in California laws, which prohibit individuals from having guns when they are guilty of assaulting a stranger, but not when they abuse children or seniors,” said City Attorney Mara W. Elliott. “By removing guns from these households, we can protect our most vulnerable citizens from the escalating violence that occurs when abusers have unfettered access to firearms.”

“I am pleased to be working with Mayor Gloria and City Attorney Elliott on this measure,” said Maienschein. “Collaborating on both the local and state levels will help us identify solutions that benefit not just San Diego County, but California as a whole.”