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2021 Legislation

AB 114 – The Rare Disease Sequencing for Critically Ill Infants Act

Aims to close disparities in access to life saving opportunities for critically ill babies on Medi-Cal by establishing rapid whole genome sequencing as a covered Medi-Cal benefit.

AB 305 – Ask the Question

Requires specified state agencies to include intake questions regarding an applicant’s veteran status in order to enable the Department of Veteran Affairs to more effectively identify veterans and provide information on available state and federal resources.

AB 414 – Trial Court Restructuring

Makes technical and non-substantive changes to current law to remove obsolete code sections as identified by the California Law Review Commission.

AB 546 – Preventing Foster Youth Homelessness

Seeks to prevent foster youth exiting the system from becoming homeless by requiring county welfare agencies to report information to the dependency court on whether the foster youth has stable housing, and what additional referrals will be provided to prevent the youth from becoming homeless.

AB 556 – Fertility Fraud Civil Liability

Would provide victims of fertility fraud with the ability to bring a private right of action against the perpetrator and recover actual damages or $50,000, whichever is greater.

AB 576 – Community College Apportionments
Would waive open course provisions in statute or regulations of the board of governors for any governing board of a community college district for classes the district provides to military personnel on a military base, and would authorize the board of governors to include the units of full-time equivalent students generated in those classes for purposes of state apportionments.

AB 636 – Adult Protective Services

Allows Adult Protective Services to share information between agencies to highlight and investigate substandard care in Independent Living Facilities.

AB 685 – Emergency Room Physicians Billing

Would require health plans and insurers to have board-certified emergency physician review of a claim for emergency medical services before it can be down-coded.

AB 714 – Communicable Disease Reporting

Would mandate skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, and other congregate living health facilities to notify residents and their responsible parties of an instance of a communicable disease that occurs within the facility.

AB 805 – Public Disclosure of Personal Protective Equipment

Aims to create transparency around personal protective equipment (PPE) procurement and distribution at the local level by ensuring the Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) regularly reports PPE distribution information to the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES).

AB 856 – The COVID-19 Youth Return to Physical Activity Information Act

Would require schools to annually share current information with students and their parents on the health risks and recommended guidelines for youth engaging in physical exercise in the era of COVID-19.

AB 935 – The Mothers and Children Mental Health Support Act of 2021

Would require health plans to develop a provider-to-provider telepsychiatry consultation program to connect front-line healthcare providers with experts in maternal or pediatric mental health, enabling them to appropriately diagnose and best treat children and pregnant or postpartum patients experiencing a mental health disorder.

AB 1065 – Mental Health Program Voluntary Contribution Fund

Creates the Mental Health Help Program that aids in training law enforcement officers to assist, and engage safely with, persons living with a mental illness and allows taxpayers to make voluntary contributions to the fund on their California tax returns.