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Assemblymember Brian Maienschein Cracks Down on Porch Piracy, Retail and Package Theft with New Legislation

For immediate release:

SAN DIEGO – Assemblymember Brian Maienschein has introduced new legislation to address California’s rampant rise in porch piracy, retail and package theft. Maienschein’s Retail and Package Theft Legislative Bill Package will provide law enforcement with additional tools to combat these organized crimes.

“Porch pirates have become more sophisticated throughout the years, and their tactics have become more organized,” said Assemblymember Maienschein. “These bills will enforce consequences for these crimes that currently slip through the cracks.”

The rates of porch piracy and package theft have skyrocketed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with an estimated 210 million packages going missing nationwide last year. As a result, 64% of Americans have reported being victims of package theft.

“UPS delivers essential goods for millions of businesses and consumers every day," said Bruce DD Mac Rae, Vice President of UPS Government Affairs. "We firmly support this legislation that will help to protect our customers' most critical packages by further discouraging 'porch pirate' behavior and empowering law enforcement to hold bad actors accountable."

AB 1698 would establish the crime of Organized Package Theft.

AB 1699 would place a point on the driver’s license of an individual who obtains a vehicle for the purpose of committing Organized Package or Organized Retail Theft.

AB 1700 would create an online reporting platform for consumers to report suspected stolen goods for sale on online reselling sites.

Maienschein’s legislative package will provide package carriers and law enforcement with additional tools to locate, apprehend and prosecute these criminals, and ensure peace of mind for consumers statewide.

AB 1698 and AB 1700 both passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee earlier this month. AB 1699 is set to be heard in both the Assembly Transportation and Assembly Public Safety Committees later this spring.