Gender Pricing Small Business Notification Bill (AB 1607) Signed by Governor Newsom

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA- Assembly Bill 1607 (AB 1607), authored by Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath, has been signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 12, 2019.  Known as the “Gender Pricing Small Business Notification,” this bill helps business owners avoid penalties and lawsuits by ensuring that they have the right information when it comes to pricing services for men and women.

“This bill is about educating business owners of their obligations under the law.  My goal is to protect small businesses from costly fines that can have a serious impact, particularly for new business owners who are just starting out,” said Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath.

AB 1607 requires cities and counties to issue a notice of the Gender Tax Repeal Act (1995) at the time a business license is issued or renewed. The Gender Tax Repeal Act prevents businesses from charging different prices for services based upon gender.  

“We applaud Assemblymember Boerner Horvath for authoring this important legislation that will protect small businesses from unnecessary lawsuits and allow them to continue to provide services to their customers,” said Jennifer Barrera, Executive Vice President of the California Chamber of Commerce.  The California Chamber of Commerce is the largest broad-based business advocacy group in California and sponsored AB 1607.

AB 1607 will take effect on January 1, 2020.